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Starting & Training of Young Horses

With over 2 million riders in the UK, it isn't a surprise we are always looking for that 'special horse' or 'next project' horse. We offer starting, schooling and bringing on of young and 'problem horses'.

Every horse is different and Mats experience over the years has given him a wealth of knowledge about the best way to understanding their instincts.  His methods involve working in a calming environment on the family farm, patience, and knowing the psychology of the individual horse.  Whitley is a working farm, which helps to desensitize your horses to every day noises, such as tractors and other machinery. 

We take all types of horses from all disciplines, whether it is an unbacked youngster or a jumping horse, we promise to care for your horse with the most exceptional standards thanks to our great professional team.  We strive to achieve the best results for you and your horse.

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Availability from May 2019.  The full livery & training package, offers a premium backing programme.  Trust in Mat's knowledge and experience, he does not believe in rushing the process or your horse to achieve results.  Using the facilities at the farm, Mat will back and train your horse to your required needs, and will keep you constantly updated of its progress.  Don't hesitate and book your horse in today, or please come and visit us at Whitley.
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