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Polo has been synonymous with the 'Sport of Kings' for generations.  Polo is a fantastic spectators sport, fast paced and high adrenaline.  Watching the bond between man and horse makes for a real client experience, and a great talking point with the competition element added to the mix.

We offer Hospitality and Corporate packages in Berkshire and Warwickshire at some very prestigious polo clubs and includes a variety of fine dining options to suit your needs, your clients really will have a day to remember.


Clients will have the opportunity to meet Mat Lodder, he will be on hand all day to explain the game, tactics of the sport and answer any questions, he will give you an insight into the game which is unique to any other hospitality.

All our packages are bespoke and tailor made to you, and our dedicated events coordinator will work closely with you to make the perfect day.

For further information, enquiries or to request a booking for one of our corporate packages, please contact Mat Lodder, or 

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