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Whether aiming for the high goal or starting from scratch, our lessons & training are bespoke to your requirements to ensure you achieve your goals.
​The beginning OR back to basics.

45 minutes (on the horse)  of dedicated attention & instruction by Mat on our stick & ball ground.

A great way to introduce yourself to polo (or a horse!) for the 1st time or to go back to basics & work on specific elements of your technique & game.


A social sport


45 minutes (on the horse) of instruction in a small group environment.

Many people enjoy trying polo as a couple or with friends..... group

lessons are also a great way to meet  new ones.


Putting it all together.


40 minutes 'chukka' instructed by your pro. Includes 2 horses and is a minimum of 2 on 2 on our stick & ball ground.

A vital step between lessons & playing, an instructional chukka is a safe controlled environment where  you can focus on tactics and rules.



Becoming a player


4 chukkas on our boarded pitch​ with an instructor either side in your

whites plus an umpire!

Now you are playing polo..... whilst the game will not be stopped mid flow

(like an Instructional Chukka) fouls will be explained and the whole game

de-briefed post match.




We also arrange challenge matches, offer polo management & host exceptional catered 'team building' events...we tailor everything to your needs to be the best fit we can for you

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